5,500.7 miles ridden in 2016

As of the first of the month, I only needed 334 miles to reach my 2016 goal of 5,500 miles ridden. That looked like an easy task. It wasn’t. I ended up working a lot more hours than usual in December, and it seemed like every time I wasn’t working, the roads were wet. When I work up on Christmas morning, I still needed 194 miles in the last seven days of the month to reach my goal. I finished the last 30 miles of that today.

It was warm enough that I rode the F5 on Thursday a week ago, then Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. All other rides this month, including Thursday’s and today’s rides, were in the WAW. I still can’t believe how many people take photos of the WAW as I ride. Today’s ride gave me a total of 5,500.7 miles ridden in 2016. Happy New Year, everyone!

Today’s 30 mile route.

100 miles of short rides this week

I took off in the WAW this morning and rode to Mabank. I ended up with 20.7 miles. I had just over 100 miles for the week. With the dire forecast of rain and colder temperatures for the weekend, I decided I’d better get my miles in before the weekend.

I did four rides this week. The last three were in the WAW, as I get the last of the adjustments done on the WAW, getting it to fit me. The last two rides were just 20 mile rides. I don’t usually do rides that short, but it seemed fitting as I work out these final WAW adjustments, plus I’ve been suffering from some kind of cold or sinus/throat event this last week, and thought short rides might be better for me right now.

I ended up with 430 total riding miles in November. That’s a good November. This year’s mild weather certainly helped. It gives me 5,200 miles for the year, so I only need 300 miles in December to reach my mileage goal for the year. Barring blizzards, I should be able to do that.

Here I am at a traffic light in Mabank. Someone took this photo last Saturday, then posted it on facebook and asked what it was. LOL. It’s amazing how many people just can’t seem to figure out what the WAW and I are, and how many photos get taken of it.