390 Miles in January

Today’s 30 mile ride, along with a couple of short rides during the week, gives me a total of 100 miles on the bike for this, the first week of February. I ended up with 390 miles on the bike in January.

My mileage goal these days is 5,500 miles a year. That’s around 106 miles a week or 458 miles a month. But I don’t ride close to that mileage every month. I ride more than that in the summer, and quite a bit less in the winter. I try for 100 miles a week in the winter, but don’t ride on the coldest days, and ease up when I’m sick. If I can get close to 400 miles for a winter month, I’m happy with that. Last year, I only managed 220 miles in January. So I’m off to a better start this year.

I’ve also managed to keep my weight down better this year. I weigh 188 pounds right now. That’s just four pounds heavier than the 184 pounds I managed to get down to at the end of August for the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred ride. If I can make it through the winter and its associated baking and candy making onslought of mine, without gaining any more than that, then I’m doing well, I think.