110 Miles on the bike this week

It was chilly enough this morning that I waited until it warmed up a bit, then took off on the F5 and did my usual 40 mile route out to Purtis Creek State Park. I had done a 40 mile ride on Monday and a 30 mile ride on Thursday, so that gives me 110 miles for the week. I had ridden 100 miles each of the first two weeks this month, so that gives me 310 miles for December and 5,373 miles for the year. It looks like I might reach my 5,500 mile goal for the year after all.

I really had thought I would come up short on my mileage goal after having back surgery last month. But it didn’t slow me down as much as I figured it would. I was back on the bike four days after surgery. I rode 45 miles that week. 82 miles the next week, and 100 miles each of the next two weeks after that. I’ve only been doing short 30 and 40 mile rides since surgery, but that’s pretty much all I do in the winter anyway.

My standard 40 mile route.