50 Mile State Highway 19 Loop

I took off on the F5 just before noon today and did my State Highway 19 loop. I ended up with 50 miles on this windy Christmas Day. That’s 190 miles in the last seven days, and puts me just 27 miles short of my 5,500 mile 2014 goal. I may make it after all.

After last weekend’s Saturday and Sunday 40 mile rides, I did a 30 mile ride after work Monday, then took a day off on Tuesday when the roads were wet. I did another 30 miles on a really chilly day yesterday, riding the Xstream with its fairing. Today was much warmer, but the wind howled out of the south, gusting to 35 mph. It made today’s ride tough, but I want to go fishing tomorrow, and it’s looking like chilly weather for the rest of the year after tomorrow, so I’m glad I got the miles today.

The 50 mile State Highway 19 route.

80 miles on the bike this past week.

I only ended up with 80 miles on the bike last week. I worked in Odessa most of the week, then came home to rain Friday afternoon, so I didn’t get to ride at all until the weekend. It was chilly both Saturday and Sunday, and I really don’t like doing longer rides when it’s cold, so I settled for a 40 mile ride each day.

I only got 90 miles last week, too. I got in just one 30 mile ride during the week, then a 60 mile ride out to Martins Mill on Saturday. But, as this last Saturday’s cancerversary reminded me, I’m lucky to be riding at all. I am now a seven year lung cancer survivor, and I’ll end up with around 5,500 miles on the bike this year, so no complaints.

It warmed up nicely today, and I got home from work early enough that I did a 30 mile ride out to Purtis Creek this afternoon. And here I was, on December 22nd, wearing shorts for the ride. You have to love that about Texas. But, a cold front arrived just before I finished the ride, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be wearing shorts again on a ride any time soon.

From the Funny Signs Department: So, does this mean the gravel parking lot right behind the sign is off limits?