Martin Mills Metric

Another week, and again, more days of flooding in Texas. By Wednesday, I was starting to wonder if I was going to be able to get any riding miles this week, but after big storms during the night, it dried up enough Wednesday that I was able to get in 30 miles that afternoon. It came another round of storms that night, but had dried up pretty well when I got another 30 miles in on Friday afternoon. I took off this morning and rode my Martin Mills Metric route for another 60 miles. The weather was truly nice today. Today’s ride gave me 120 miles for the week.

Today’s Martin Mills Metric route.

Wednesday’s 30 mile route.

Riding My Age

Yesterday’s 65 mile ride to Martins Mill, combined with a Tuesday ride of 40 miles, gave me 105 miles for the week. I ended up with 410 miles in March. That’s about average mileage for me in March.

There is a fairly popular thing among cyclists called Ride My Age. On or near your birthday, you do a bike ride, the length of which in miles, is equal to or greater than the number of years of your age. I’ve never gotten into riding my age. During my club riding years, I was doing rides greater than my age on most weekends. And during my randonneuring years, I did lots of rides much longer than that. On April 4th, 2010, one day before my 59th birthday, I completed a ride of 241 miles. That was more than quadruple my age!

But these days, most of my rides are much shorter, while my age number is starting to get up there. So, I’m thinking that maybe the Ride My Age thing may be becoming a worthy challenge for me now. With that in mind, since last Tuesday was my 65th birthday, I’m calling yesterday’s 65 mile ride this year’s official Ride My Age ride.

Yesterday’s 65 mile Ride My Age route.