Burleson Honey Tour

I rode the Burleson Honey Tour today. I did the metric century (which was really only 59.4 miles). I’ve ridden all the roads before. I liked the ride and route. Traffic control was good for the closer part of the route. Alvarado and south, you were on your own.

The wind was brutal going out and the hills slowed me coming back. I ended up with a 17.3 mph average, not a great average for me for this route, a reminder that I’m still dragging around an extra five pounds. I rode to and from the start for a total of 72.6 miles. That gives me 195 miles for the week, so not a bad mileage week. I think I’ll battle the wind from the deck of my boat tomorrow, rather than on my bicycle.

Burleson Honey Tour route

Work commute

It was 50 degrees with light winds on the ride in Wednesday morning. The usual south wind had returned by the afternoon, making sure I had a headwind for the ride home.

I veered off my commuting route on the way home to go 3 miles west for a stop at the Performance Bike store. I picked up a SRAM quick link there, then pedaled down the block to Half Price Books to pick up something to read on this weekend’s DC trip.

Then I did some bonus miles south of Crowley, ending up with just over 51 miles for the day.

I rode to work the last four days. I was going to do some extra miles on the way home again afternoon, but my legs were tired, the wind was fierce, and there was a dishwasher at home waiting to be installed. So, I just rode straight home.

I’m flying to DC in the morning, so no bike rides for me for the next three days.

2011 days ridden to work: 82
2011 commuting mileage: 1992.1

Peachy Keene 200K permanent

I joined Susan and John, Diane and Mark, Mark M, and Chuck and did my Peachy Keene 200k permanent today. I hadn’t ridden a 200K since last fall, so figured I’d better keep an easy pace. That’s exactly what the two tandems did. Mark M and Chuck took off ahead of us at the Maypearl control, but I stayed with the tandems and their easy pace the entire ride. We finished in 9:37.

Peachy Keene route

Work commute

I rode to work this morning (hey, a 50% chance of rain means there’s a 50% chance that it won’t rain, right?) The heavy thunderstorms hit here at 2:00, about an hour and a half before I get off work. At 2:30, Rose sent me this text, “I’m at home. Do u want me to come get ur a$$?” LOL

The rain was moving east fast enough that I thought it might be mostly past by 3:30, but it started training more to the northeast, and rained for hours more in Fort Worth. But at least the worst of the lightning seemed to be past, so I decided to give the ride home a go.

I made sure not to try and stop too fast anywhere, and made it home fine. As usual, the rain really wasn’t that bad until I reached Crowley, then it was a downpour the rest of the way. The bike’s fairing keeps the rain off my legs pretty well, and my hooded rain jacket keeps most of it off the rest of me.

Still, after riding in this kind of downpour, my clothes were wet enough that I just left them hanging in the garage. The good news is that Rose still rejoices at the sight of a naked man walking into the house.

Work commute

I rode to work 4 days this week, every day after the rainy Monday. On Tuesday, I took the long way home (humming that old Supertramp song), and instead of my usual 24.5 commute round trip miles, I did 46.4 miles.

I had a really poor mileage month last month, and with a three day weekend trip to DC this month where I’ll get 0 miles, I’m going to have to work to get my miles in.

2011 days ridden to work: 73
2011 commuting mileage: 1766.1

Commute route