Thanksgiving Day ride

I rode to work all three work days this week. We’re not having our Thanksgiving feast until early this afternoon, so I wanted to get in a few miles this morning before the cold front and rain arrived. It was 70 degrees when I let the dogs out at 6:00 am. showed the front getting here at 8:00 and the rain around 10:00, so I figured I’d just leave at 7:00 and ride north until I met the front, then ride back with it.

Of course, the front came in shortly after 6:00, and by the time I opened the garage door to leave at 7:00, it was 48 degrees. The temperature had fallen 22 degrees in one hour. By the time I had ridden 6 miles, a steady light rain was falling. I settled for 26 miles. By the time I got back home, it was 41 degrees. So much for the shorts and short sleeves I wore to ride all week.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Crowley to Trinity Trail ride

I rode to work four days this week. Thursday and Friday became the first two days this fall that I put the handlebar mitts on the Stratus XP.

This morning, I took off from home, exploring to find a way from home to the Trinity Trail. I had laid out the route in bikely, but you never know about roads and paths on google maps until you ride them. I took an old commute route the first miles north, then at around eleven and a half miles, I hit a MUP in Foster Park that took me on to the Trinity Trail. I rode it west, got on Bellaire and rode out to the next trail, and on to Benbrook, then back.

There were too many trail zombies for me to ever make a regular route out of this, but it was fun, different from what I usually ride, and it showed me how to get to Trinity. I ended up with 51.1 miles.

Crowley to Trinity Trail route