130 Miles this Week

I ended up with 130 miles of riding this week. We finally had some warmer weather and I managed to take advantage of it for four rides. On Tuesday, I rode the Corsa to Purtis Creek State Park for 25 miles. On Wednesday, Rose and I rode the Screamer tandem the same route for 25 more miles.

Yesterday, I rode the Corsa out to Purtis Creek State Park, did a loop through the camping area, then rode on east into Van Zandt County. I ended up with 40 miles. Today, I did the same route on the Corsa for another 40 miles.

On last Sunday’s 40 mile ride, I passed the 25,000 mile mark for total miles ridden on my Corsa. I’ve never even come close to that kind of mileage on any other bike. And it’s still going strong, though, after 25,000 miles, I do have thoughts about eventually replacing it. Maybe at 30,000 miles I’ll pull the trigger.

It will definitely be another high racer, something very much like the Corsa. With the rough roads everywhere around me now that I’ve moved to BFE, I’m thinking I’ll get something with 700c wheels. The bigger wheels should help the ride a bit. I like the RANS Rifles, and they are available with 700c wheels. I haven’t test ridden one, though. I may also consider this new carbon high racer from John Schlitter. It’s coming out soon and supposed to be priced comparable to an aluminum high racer. Do you suppose I could get 30,000 miles out of a carbon bike?

Yesterday and today’s route.

All I know about the new bike coming from John Schlitter.

Edit: Well, a little snooping told me that CarbonRecumbent in Hungary will be where John’s bikes come from. Here’s a photo from their website. I hope John replaces the hamster bars with tweener bars. I don’t think that seat would work for me, either. It’s a nice looking bike, though.