FWBA Muddy Doggy Stinky ride

I rode to work all 5 days this week. Yesterday’s ride was my 135th ride to work this year.

This morning, I rode to the start and did the FWBA Muddy Doggy Stinky club ride, which started just 7 miles from me in Burleson. It was a small turnout, only 20 riders or so. I guess most club members were at Leakey or other rides. I did most of the ride with the lead group of 12 riders. I fell a bit behind on the rise coming into Alvarado, and watched the group miss the turn at Sparks Street. I made the turn, stayed on the route, and never saw the group again. I ended up with 64.6 miles at a 17.7 mph average.

You can see on the route image below where we got some bonus miles after having to turn around for a closed bridge.

FWBA Muddy Doggy Stinky route

Work commute

I rode to work every day this week except Tuesday, when I had an appointment with my regular doctor for my 4,000 mile (six month) checkup. Yesterday morning, I was blocked by a train that stopped at a Sycamore School Road crossing. It was still stopped 15 minutes later, when I turned around and took an alternate route, down Crowley Road and then Altamesa Road. I can’t seem to get anywhere for trains these days. That’s the first time I’ve been held up on Sycamore School Road in the morning.