Ben Wheeler 80 mile ride

I took off on the F5 this morning and rode out to Martins Mill, following my usual 60 mile route, but then on to just past Ben Wheeler. In this spring of seeminly unending rain, I only got a few sprinkles on today’s ride, and ended up with 80 miles. There haven’t been may days lately where you could ride that many miles without hitting some serious rain. I had ridden 40 miles Thursday afternoon, so ended up with 120 miles for the week.

Last week, between work and all the rain, I didn’t manage a ride at all until Friday. But, 40 miles on Friday, 40 miles on Saturday, and another 30 miles on Sunday gave me 110 miles for the week. Near the end of Friday’s ride, I hit some hard rain for a short stretch, but managed to stay dry the other rides. The forecast of rain every day continues for next week, so I’ll again be trying to dodge storms long enough to ride.

Today’s route.