Thanksgiving Morning Ride

I hadn’t been on a bike since last Saturday. I’ve been so busy with the contract work I’ve been doing, job interviews, drug testing (when did recruiters start doing drug tests right in their offices?), and everything else, that I just haven’t had time to ride. My mileage goals for the month as well as my mileage goals for the year are circling the drain.

But it was a beautiful morning this morning, so I took off on the Corsa, rode through Burleson, then headed for quiet Johnson County roads. The ride wasn’t without its challenges. The dogs seemed especially aggressive this morning. I punched one on the nose twice, and got wobbled for a second by another when he hit the back of my bike and got his foot run over. I also got pinch flats on both tires when I hit a railroad track that was suddenly much rougher than I’ve ever seen it.

But it was still a great ride. It was so nice to be out riding in shorts and short sleeves on Thanksgiving Day; that doesn’t happen most years. I ended up with 59.4 miles. Now, it’s time to gather with family and eat much more than I should. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

This morning’s route.

FWBA River View club ride

I drove to Rio Vista this morning and joined the FWBA River View club ride. The 70 mile route goes from Rio Vista past Hamm Creek Park, passes very near the Brazos River at Painted Rock (with some great river views!), crosses the Brazos at Brazos Point, then heads on to Glen Rose. It returns by way of Nemo and Cleburne State Park. There were some modifications to the route for today’s ride because of road construction.

I fell in with a group of seven other riders doing the 70 mile route. I’m recovering from a serious cold, sinus infection, or whatever you want to call it, so I wasn’t too sure how well I would ride. But I know these roads well enough that I wasn’t worried about getting dropped. I did better than I expected, only falling back from the group on long hills, and catching up soon afterward.

I chatted with fellow rbent member Frank, who was on his P-38, for a few moments as I rode through Glen Rose. Nice meeting you, Frank! It was pretty chilly this morning, but turned into a beautiful afternoon. The reasonable pace and numerous stops suited me, since I was thinking I’d better not overdo things while recovering from being sick. I felt good at the end. Even my shoulder held up better than it has been on rides of this distance. It’s slowly healing. I ended up with 74 miles even.

FWBA River View modified route.