I did the 69 mile route at Goatneck this morning. Paul came down and spent last night at my place, and got up and followed me to Goatneck this morning. It was great seeing you, Paul!

I was a lot slower than last year at Goatneck, and pretty wiped out at the finish. After never having to use the granny chain ring on this ride last year, I needed it on both County Line Hill and Goatneck Hill this year. I don’t know if riding to work all 5 days this week had me on tired legs, forgetting my carb drink mix slowed me down, or if I’m just getting feeble in my old age.

Goatneck 70 mile route.

Here’s a video of the ride from Mark Leuck.

Work commute

I rode to work all 5 days this week. It was just a tad warm riding home in the afternoons. I rode to work 19 days in July. It looks like I’ll end up with 840 miles for the month, not a bad total I’m thinking, considering it was 100+ degrees every day of the month but one.

2011 days ridden to work: 127
2011 commuting mileage: 3094.7

Commute route

Work commute

I rode over to Pecan Valley Park at Benbrook this morning, then joined Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and 20 or so others on a 20 mile ride around Benbrook Lake, then rode home for 52 miles overall.

I took a day of vacation on Tuesday, so only rode to work 4 days this week. It was 100 degrees as I rode home yesterday afternoon, our 21st straight afternoon of 100 or higher temperatures.

I seem to have finally reached my target weight this week. I would have suffered less on my early summer rides if I’d reached this weight in May like I did last year, but I guess better late than never.

2011 days ridden to work: 122
2011 commuting mileage: 2972.2

Work commute

I rode to work all five days this week. It was some seriously hot afternoons. I’ve been just standing under the ceiling fan in the living room and cooling off for a while after I get home before I finally head for the shower.

I had a flat on the way home Friday. Thankfully, there was shade nearby. A piece of glass came through the tire so far it’s a wonder I didn’t slice my finger when I found it. If glass is starting to penetrate that far into the Gatorskins, it’s probably getting near time to replace them.

2011 days ridden to work: 118
2011 commuting mileage: 2874.2

Commute route

Work commute

It was 82 degrees when I left for work Wednesday morning. You know it’s going to be hot when it’s 82 degrees at 4:45 am.

On the Crowley Road shoulder, just north of Risinger Road, I hit a rock just wrong and pinch flatted. It was my first flat in quite a while, and my first front flat on the SXP in over two years.

Rose pointed out to me early in the week that there’s getting to be quite a collection of spider webs from the bottom of my truck to the driveway…….LOL. It had actually only been a week since I’d driven it.

I rode to work all five days this week. I heard the weatherman say that June was the 3rd hottest June ever recorded. I believe it; it was the hottest June I’ve seen. I ended up with 826 miles in June, a good mileage month for me.

2011 days ridden to work: 109
2011 commuting mileage: 2653.7