The life changing MRI

I rode to work all four days this week. My ride home today was early, just a couple of hours after my ride to work.

Funny how something as simple as an MRI can change your life. Yesterday’s results show that I have a cratered rotator cuff in my left shoulder. There are three tears, surgery is likely. My shoulder has been hurting for a couple of years, and gradually reached the point where the heavy and physical machine shop maintenance work I do had become very difficult.

My employer has maintained its no “light duty” policy, and put me on medical leave. It will likely take me a couple of months to get to see a VA orthopedic doctor, more time before the surgery, then rehab time afterwards. For the foreseeable future, my bike commuting is over.

At this point, I’m glad I ride recumbents. If I had to lean on the handlebar of an upright, I’d likely be off the bike for a while. As it is, I’ll be riding, just not commuting. Guess I’ll take the fenders off the Xstream tomorrow and install my speed wheels.

2012 days ridden to work: 22
2012 commuting mileage: 545.1

Work commute route

Work commute

I rode to work all five days this week. I ended up with 542 miles in January, not a bad winter month total for me. This morning, I rode to work in shorts, a bit hard to believe for a February morning ride before daylight. I ran into a bit of drizzle for a short stretch of that ride in, but stayed dry on the ride home, glad to have gotten home before the storms.

2012 days ridden to work: 18
2012 commuting mileage: 446.3

Work commute route