100 Miles This Week.

I took off late yesterday morning on the F5 and did my 40 mile loop out to Purtis Creek State Park. That, combined with two 30 miles rides during the week, gave me 100 miles total for the week. But my mileage totals for the previous two weeks weren’t good at all, and I ended up with only 290 miles ridden for the month of February.

I spent the last half of the month battling bronchitis. It came about from my sinuses draining down my throat, and treating the bronchitis with guaifenesin for the rest of the month never got ahead of the constant drainage. I never had any signs of an infection, but on Friday, February 26th, I finally went to the doctor. I’ve learned not to ignore bronchitis that lingers for too long. It’s just begging to turn into pneumonia.

Sure enough, I had no infection, and the doctor gave me no antibiotics. Since I already had plenty of guaifenesin, he just gave me a perscription for pseudoephedrine to treat the sinus drainage. It does seem to be working, and I’m finally much better, though not completely free of chest congestion yet. I need to make a note about the pseudoephedrine for future use. It can be obtained without a prescription, though you do have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter.

On Saturday, February 27th, I attended the LUNGevity Hope Summit in Irving. Nothing worse than attending a gathering of lung cancer survivors while you have a horrible hacking cough, but I wanted to go. I didn’t participate and interact as much as I would have otherwise. Staying quiet cuts down on the coughing. I don’t stop riding when I have bronchitis, but missing half a lung, and after numerous bouts with pneumonia, I do ease up quite a bit, hence the low mileage for the last half of the month. I hate it when these blog entries end up being more about my health than about riding. Spring will be here soon, and hopefully, that will change.

Yesterday’s route.