Elm Mott Trot 200k

I joined Paul Brown, Gary Gotlieb, and Sharon Stevens and rode the Venus to Elm Mott 200k yesterday. It was a beautiful morning with winds that never got up too much, but it got a bit hot in the afternoon. Sharon kept the pace pretty easy, as we were trying to mostly stay together. I did take off at a faster pace when we left Elm Mott at the turnaround for the 22 miles back to the Malone control, figuring a longer break there would help my shoulder.

Paul, a fellow recumbent rider, rode strong all day. I felt strong early, but faded as my shoulder hurt more and more. That’s the way most of my longer rides have gone this year. I’m thinking this will likely be my last 200k of the year. Maybe my shoulder will tolerate one better by early next year. I ended up with 128 miles.

Elm Mott Trot route.
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