State Highway 19 Loop

I took off on the F5 this morning and did my 50 mile loop. When I do this distance, I ride the same route as if I’m riding to Martins Mill, but cut off the route when I reach State Highway 19, turn right there, and then right again at FM 1861, and come home the same way as I do when riding to Martins Mill. This shortens the Martins Mill route to 50 miles.

I did this same route Thanksgiving morning. That’s the only other ride I did this week, so I ended up with 100 miles. Between weather and work, I had only ridden 90 miles each of the two preceding weeks. I did get in 120 miles the first week of the month. So, I ended up with 411 miles for the month. That leaves me needing just over 400 miles in December to make my 5,500 mile goal for the year. That may be iffy if the weather turns ugly in December. We’ll see.

I rode the F5 today, and on the other warm days we’ve had lately, but I rode the Xstream on Thanksgiving morning, and the other chilly days this month. Its fairing is nice when it’s cold outside.

The 50 mile State Highway 19 route.

Drivers Wall of Shame

I’m thinking I need to start a Wall of Shame of drivers who drive dangerously around me when I’m on my bike. I was about 11 miles into today’s 30 mile ride out to Purtis Creek when this POS passed me too close on FM 3080, just west of Fortenberry Pipe and Supply. I haven’t had any dealings with the Van Zandt County Sheriff’s office, so I don’t know if they’re bike friendly enough for me to bother with reporting this or not. At any rate, it’s now documented here.

2014 Breathe Deep DFW Walk

For the seventh year in a row, I did the Breathe Deep DFW walk today, put on by LUNGevity, to raise money for lung cancer research. It gets a better turnout these days than it did in the early days, and it was great seeing fellow survivors again.

After I got home from the walk, I took off on the F5 and rode to Purtis Creek State Park, and a bit beyond. I only had 70 miles for the week, and wanted to end up with more than that. Today’s 40 miles gave me 110 miles for the week.

I ended up with 14 rides in October for just over 500 miles. That will work.

At the start of the Breathe Deep DFW walk.

Finishing the walk.

Visiting with friend and fellow survivor, Jerrold Dash.