FWBA Crowley ride

I did 20 miles from home this morning, then did the FWBA club ride that started in Crowley. There was heat and wind and hills, everything you love in a bike ride. I ended up with 83.6 miles.

FWBA Crowley route

Work commute

I rode to work all 5 days again this week. It was 100+ degrees every afternoon on the ride home. If that wasn’t tough enough, the wind really kicked up yesterday and today. With this afternoon’s gusts close to 40 mph, it was a challenge just keeping the bike right side up.

I love riding to work.

2011 days ridden to work: 99
2011 commuting mileage: 2408.7

Commute route

Crowley Cricket Crunch 158K permanent

I joined Greg and two tandems on my Crowley Cricket Crunch permanent today. It’s a fun route, and I enjoyed the company today. We started at 6:00 am, so weren’t out in the afternoon heat too long. I rode to and from the start, and ended up with 102.7 miles.

Crowley Cricket Crunch route

Work commute

I rode to work all five days this week. It was a nice break from the wind early in the week, but it started picking up again the last couple of days. The afternoon rides home were pretty hot.

2011 days ridden to work: 94
2011 commuting mileage: 2286.1

I made the front page!

Ok, so it was only the Burleson-Crowley Connection, the small free once a week newspaper they toss onto my driveway on Tuesdays, but I still thought it was cool. The photo was taken during the Burleson Honey Tour ride.

There was no article, only the photo and caption, and I found nothing online, so here’s a scan of the front page. Click the image for a full size image.

Red Bandana 200K permanent

I rode this permanent with Steve, Peggy, Shellene, Bryan, Mark M, and Sharon today. There is some great scenery on this route, and we added lots of chatter. This is always a fun group to ride with.

The heat and hills wiped me out though, and I ended up with no strength, just turning the pedals, for quite a few miles. My Garmin showed 127.3 miles and 3700 feet of climbing. It sure felt like more on a day this hot.

Red Bandana route

Work commute

It won’t be a good commuting mileage week this week. I rode to work yesterday and today, but Monday was a holiday and I have doctors’ appointments on both Thursday and Friday and will be driving to work. So on Saturday I should be well rested and ready for Steve and Peggy to rake me over the coals.

2011 days ridden to work: 89
2011 commuting mileage: 2163.6

Commute route