110 Miles This Week

I took off on the F5 this morning and rode to Purtis Creek State Park, then on into Van Zandt County. I ended up with 40 miles. I had done a 40 mile ride on Tuesday and a 30 mile ride on Wednesday, so that gave me 110 miles for the week.

I rode 100 miles every week during April, all short rides from home. As we move into to the summer, I need to raise that mileage a bit, so that by summer, I’m doing 120 to 150 miles a week. I like to reach peak fitness in time for the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred at the end of August, then start to ease off in the fall.

I have now riddeen the new F5 544 miles, and have it dialed in well. With its steel frame and 700c wheels, it is truly a nice riding bike.

It was a beautiful day for a ride across the Purtis Creek Lake dam.