Work commute

It was 32 degrees here this morning, with light south winds and would get up to 49 degrees this afternoon. That’s not exactly balmy, but it’s the warmest day we’ll get this week, so I rode my bike to work.

When I arrived at work, there was unseen ice on the ramp leading up to the shop door near my office. I think I invented a new olympic sport: ice skating backwards while walking a bike. I didn’t fall, so I think I did well in the event. I gave myself a 9.0. I think my form was perfect, but I took off 1 point for the grimace on my face.

The south wind was really blowing this afternoon, and made the trip back home a lot slower. Today’s ride gave me a whopping 50.2 miles for the year, which vaulted me all the way up to 781st place on

Commute route