Martin Mills Metric, again.

I took off on the F5 this morning and rode my Martin Mills Metric route. I was finished before noon, so the heat wasn’t that bad. That 60 miles, added to the 40 mile rides I did on Wednesday and Friday, gave me 140 miles for the week. Both of those 40 mile rides were done in the afternoon heat, and I’m obviously still not used to this summer’s heat and humidity.

I rode 130 miles last week, 135 miles the week before last, and now have 525 miles for the month of June. I’m hoping to get another 30 mile ride in on Monday or Tuesday, so it won’t be a bad mileage total for the month. I’m still behind the pace I need to be on to make my mileage goal for the year.

Today’s Martin Mills Metric route.

Martin Mills Metric

I took off on the F5 yesterday morning and did my Martin Mills Metric route. That 60 miles gave me 130 miles for the week. Every year at this time, the first hot weather arrives, and it takes a body a while to become acclimated to that heat. This week’s rides were tough. With the record rains of May, there’s so much water still on the ground that the humidity is really high. That, combined with the ninety-something degree days we’ve been having, make for a tough bike ride.

I ended up with a total of 401 miles ridden in May. That’s way too low for me. The record rains made it tough to get in my miles. I’ve said this before here: I really don’t like riding in the rain, and with the 19 inches of rain that fell here last month, it was hard to get in a ride between storms. There’s nothing to do now but get myself acclimated to the heat, and try for a good mileage month this month.

Yesterday’s Martin Mills Metric route.