40 miles in the Jack O’ Lantern for Halloween

I renamed the WAW “Jack O’ Lantern”, and added appropriate decals. Today is Halloween, so it seemed like the perfect day to do my first ride of the fall in the Jack O’ Lantern. It was 55 degrees at ride time, good velomobile weather. I took off and rode my 40 mile route out to Eustace and Purtis Creek State Park. As usual, I got the startled looks from everyone along the way. Velomobiles are just too rare in Texas to not draw lots of attention on a ride.

I ended up with 490 miles in October. I never got around to posting anything in my blog in September. I did 14 rides for 520 miles in September. I now have 4,840 miles for the year. That leaves me with just 660 miles left to ride to reach my mileage goal for the year. I always ease off my mileage quite a bit in the winter, so that sounds like a good mileage total for November and December.

Today’s route.