100 miles ridden this week

It was a pretty chilly morning this morning, cloudy and low forties. So I took off and rode 40 miles in the WAW. Even when it’s this cold outside, I’m still very warm in the WAW. I’d wear shorts and short sleeves in it, even on a day like today, if it weren’t for the shock I get when I climb out of the WAW for a stop.

Today’s ride gave me 100 miles for the week. I started a ride on Monday morning, but got a call to go work, so turned around and only ended up with 19 miles. But I got a 41 mile ride in on Wednesday. This was the third week in a row that I’ve ridden 100 miles, but my mileage in early January was really bad, and I only ended up with 299.5 miles for the month. I always ride fewer miles in the winter, with winter’s shorter days, colder temps, lower body immunity, etc, but I really don’t like it when I end up with less than 300 miles in a month. I’m not going to fret too much, though. It’s early February, and I do not have a horrible case of bronchitis, or even a cold. I haven’t been able to say that the last couple of years in early February, so I’m just going to celebrate that, and ignore my lack of miles ridden.

I’m hoping these decals help bewildered local drivers identify me on the road.