About Bud Baker

Hi, I’m Bud Baker. I’m 64 years old and have ridden a bicycle an average of 100 miles a week for the last 11 years. That’s why this blog is mostly about cycling. My user ID in online cycling forums I frequent (I don’t hang out in nearly as many these days) has for a long time been Bud Bent. Bent is a slang term for recumbent, the type of bicycles I ride.

Since non-cyclists have no idea what “bent” means, when I joined my first online lung cancer forum, I decided I needed a different ID. I was thinking that a lung cancer diagnosis and being given a 50/50 chance of surviving it qualifies you to call yourself uneasy, and settled on the name Uneasy Rider as my lung cancer forums ID. My lung cancer story is in this blog, if you follow it from December, 2007 to May, 2008. There are also posts about my second hobby, crappie fishing.

Below are some photos of me. I have turned off comments on the blog. The battle with spammers was just too much. Look me up on facebook if you’d like to contact me. Have a good ride.

Bud Baker

In my back yard.

My new main ride, a RANS F5 Pro.

On the Corsa, my now retired long distance bike.
On the Corsa

On the Xstream, my former commuting, and now winter bike.

On Lake Granbury.

In my Native Ultimate 14.5 Propel kayak

Pixie on my shoulder.
With Pixie

2 thoughts on “About Bud Baker

  1. Hi Bud,
    Good to here of u beating the odds!
    r u the Bud Baker from SpinnerBaker?
    Your name (/e-mail) comes up as their contact, but i never get
    thru. Is there another person to contact?
    This is in re your Drop it Pro.
    Thanks Bud,

    William W Ward
    336 558-4391

    • Thanks, William. Yes, that’s me. As I was reminded today when I changed hosting companies and lost my spam filter, that SpinnerBaker email address receives 150 spam emails a day, so my spam filters made me miss a lot. I’ll shoot you an email with a better contact address for me.