Happy New Year!

Between the holidays and doctor appointments, I only rode to work three days this week and three days last week. I also did 25 miles from home on Saturday morning.

5 miles into this morning’s ride to work, I reached my mileage goal for the year, 7,500 miles. I’m not riding tomorrow, so these mileage totals will be my totals for the year.

I also passed a milestone on December 20th. On that day, I became a four year lung cancer survivor. As of my last scan, I was still cancer free, so my goal of remaining cancer free for five years and being considered cured, is in sight now. Happy New Year, everyone!

2011 days ridden to work: 219
2011 commuting mileage: 5354.7

2011 overall days ridden: 263
2011 overall mileage: 7519

Work commute

I rode to work all five days this week. It was a dark and cloudy week all week long until this afternoon. Monday and Tuesday were pretty chilly, but the south wind returned Tuesday afternoon, and it warmed up. That’s also when the rain showed up. I rode in the rain that afternoon, and both ways on Wednesday and Thursday. Fortunately, it was only a light rain for all those rides. I managed to get home before the storms hit on Wednesday.

2011 days ridden to work: 213
2011 commuting mileage: 5207.6

Work commute route.

A fun Sunday

I pedaled 4 miles today, not on my bike, but in my kayak. I was on the water at the crack of 9:00, quit fishing at 1:00, and had my best crappie stringer of the year. There were lots of little fish, 13 fish that were 13 inches or over, and 3 that were over 14 inches, including this one. A fun day.

Work commute plus

It was a chilly week, by Texas standards. The combination of wind and rain and cold was more than I was willing to battle on Monday, and I drove to work. I rode to work the remaining four work days, and did an extra 10 miles each day.

It was 32 degrees with snow flurries and a 20 mph north wind as I rode to work Tuesday morning. I ride 12 miles pretty much straight north to work, so it was a chilly ride. It was still 32 degrees as I rode home, but at least it was a tailwind. Wednesday morning was 23 degrees, but at least the wind had quit. It was a little warmer the rest of the week, but still chilly.

This week, I passed 5,000 miles of commuting for the year.

2011 days ridden to work: 208
2011 commuting mileage: 5085.1

34.5 mile work commute plus route map.

Work commute plus

I rode to work all five days this week. Between not riding much on the weekends and the days I took off because of bronchitis, my mileage in November wasn’t very good at all. I was on a pace to end up with less than 500 miles for the month, which would leave me more than 500 miles to ride in December to make my mileage goal for the year. That could have been challenging if the weather doesn’t cooperate. So I decided to take the long way home from work this week, adding an extra 10 miles to my ride, for a round trip total of 34.5 miles. I added the miles on quiet neighborhood roads, and on rural roads near Crowley. I did the extra miles all five days.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings were cold, just below freezing, and it was still pretty cool in the afternoons. Thursday was warmer, and this morning was in the 40′s, but it felt cooler than that with a strong north wind and heavy mist. It just got colder throughout the day, a thick fog rolled in, and it misted on and off all day. I had already decided not to do the extra miles today, but by time to ride home, the mist had quit, the roads were in good shape, so I still did the extra 10 miles.

Monday was my 200th ride to work this year.

2011 days ridden to work: 204
2011 commuting mileage: 4987.1

34.5 mile work commute plus route map.