5,500.7 miles ridden in 2016

As of the first of the month, I only needed 334 miles to reach my 2016 goal of 5,500 miles ridden. That looked like an easy task. It wasn’t. I ended up working a lot more hours than usual in December, and it seemed like every time I wasn’t working, the roads were wet. When I work up on Christmas morning, I still needed 194 miles in the last seven days of the month to reach my goal. I finished the last 30 miles of that today.

It was warm enough that I rode the F5 on Thursday a week ago, then Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. All other rides this month, including Thursday’s and today’s rides, were in the WAW. I still can’t believe how many people take photos of the WAW as I ride. Today’s ride gave me a total of 5,500.7 miles ridden in 2016. Happy New Year, everyone!

Today’s 30 mile route.

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