Martin Mills Metric – Sort of

I took off on the F5 this morning and rode a modified version of my Martin Mills Metric route. A half mile or so of Farm to Market 1256 has had the pavement stripped off. They keep spraying water on that section and it seems to stay muddy, slimy, and slick, definitely not suitable for a bicycle. So rather than riding out on FM1256, I rode to Eustace on US175, then rode out on FM2709. It gave me a chance to see the tornado damage on FM2709 for the first time. It was definitely a fierce tornado at that point, just as it was on FM1861, which I ride on my return route.

I ended up with 60.1 miles. Between work and the weather, I only managed one other ride this week, 40 miles on Tuesday, so I ended up with 100 miles for the week. My total mileage for the month of April ended up at 527 miles, a pretty good April for me.

Today’s modified Martin Mills Metric route.

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